How to escape an escape room - tips or ticks

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Over the past few years, people have been playing escape rooms more and more because they offer an exciting and unique experience. Every escape room has its own unique challenges and clues, and you should not expect specific spoilers for escape room challenges. However, there are some general tips and techniques that those before you have used and can be used to help you escape. As you go to more and more escape rooms, you will soon come up with your own strategy to help you escape the room within the shortest time possible.

You will have to use your own critical thinking skills, logic, and problem solving but here are some tricks that may help.

Choose your teammates wisely

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a room with people who do not get along. It pays to know the people you are stuck with. Who is crazy smart? Who is good at mathematical clues? Who has the leadership skills? Your team has a higher chance of getting out faster if everyone is familiar and comfortable with each other. Some clues are real head scratchers and if you have a team mate who panics fast, they will be of little use to the team.

Once the team enters the room, the clock starts ticking. Every minute is vital and input from each team member is crucial. Making communication clear is vital to escape within the shortest time possible. Remember there are different clues and they are all connected. Hopefully, everyone will find a clue and if they do not share it with the group your quest is hopeless. Therefore, encourage everyone to speak up and listen to what others think.

Keep track of the clues

In an escape room, clues and games are tools to help you complete the game. The number of clues will depend on difficulty, time available and how many people are playing. While some clues will be helpful immediately, some will be of no use until the end. It is therefore essential that you have a good memory of all the clues collected. Your memories of the collected clues and when to use them might be the key to escaping on time. It also helps to have a place to keep all collected items.

Work fast and ask for clues at the beginning

Being stuck in a room for an hour or more might seem like plenty of time, giving the team a false sense of security. By the time they realize it they’re in trouble and they have too many unsolved clues. We advise you start with a sense of urgency. Ask for hints at the beginning, not when you have five minutes left. Don’t shy away from hints like they’re cheating. They might be the key to solving the clues on time.When you’re stuck hints may be the only way to solve the clue without spending too much time on it.

Turn the room inside out

All escape rooms are designed so there is less visible than is actually there. Everyone should search for clues, come together and compare findings to determine order and relevancy. Open all drawers, look under everything, flip through books, check if pictures can move. Clues hide in unexpected places. Of course some things are there just to look good and fool you. Another possibility is the invisible clue. If black light is provided there’s a good chance instructions or code is written in black light marker.

If you get stuck, try something new

If you have been stuck on a certain clue for what seems like eternity, it is time to try a new approach. Having another team member try it out could be the new perspective needed to solve it. A fresh set of eyes never hurt, after all that is why you play as a team, to help each other out. This tactic ensures that you do not overthink the clues and you do not spend too much time on one clue.

Finally, remember it is just a game. Focus on having fun and enjoying every minute you are in the escape room. While winning is awesome, do not get frustrated or demoralized if you do not escape on time.