Escape Rooms in Chicago West Suburbs

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

EXIT room

The Exit Room in Hinckley is a throw back in time. The three rooms are designed to fit the mid 1800’s house they were built in but incorporate some fun tech props bringing it into the modern day. Combined with a hip lounge area to relax in and enjoy drinks from the cafe before or after your game.

Inventor’s room challenges groups to save the world from the inventors mind controlling invention. Unaware of its power he himself has fallen under its spell now you must shut it down.

In the Family Dinner room you have arrived early to Grandma’s house for thanksgiving dinner. Grandma and Grandpa are out but assure you they will be back soon. To your surprise they have invited the entire family and you must find your way out before all of the crazy relatives arrive.

Old West Jail Break requires players to break out of jail before the Sheriff returns. A jail cell, prison uniforms and even a shoot out are some of the things you will encounter.

Other recommended Escape rooms in the suburbs of chicago

If you are a puzzle enthusiast, then, you will find the thrill of popular escape rooms in  the west suburbs to be an awesome dose of adventure.

Whether you have played escape room games before or not, Chicago’s west suburbs renowned escape rooms offer mind-blowing and world-class games for a break from the monotony of day-to-day activities.

The top 10 escape rooms in the west suburbs of Chicago include:

1. Mindtrap Escape Rooms

The mindtrap escape rooms in Oak Brook presents the most thrilling real-life mystery rooms affording you an exceptional adventure.

Mindtrap Escape rooms include:

  • Kidnapped The Escape Room: This room involves an exciting premise in which a deranged serial killer who has murdered people is returning to make another kill. The players must use clues to figure the way out of the room to escape the deadly murderer.

  • Pharaoh’s Chamber: This room carries an Egyptian theme, and the players are locked in the room, which has a highly-realistic environment with special effects, as well as passageways.

  • Escape Doctor Death Room: The room tasks the players to explore an abandoned Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre, which they must escape in 60 minutes or risk falling victim to a killer doctor, Doctor Death.

2. Escape The Room

Escape the room is an intuitive escape room in Oak Brook. It is one of the most technologically advanced game experiences, and one of the themes features a time travel adventure where players are challenged to travel through time and come back to the present in the “clock tower.”

The players are required to focus on “The Dig” and dive into the ocean, outsmart a deranged captain and travel ocean depths in “The Submarine.” The last part involves outwitting some devious puppets to take control of “the theater.”

3. Labyrinth Escape rooms

The labyrinth escape rooms are designed to supercharge your adrenaline as you run against the timer to solve puzzles. There are 3 distinct rooms :

  • Merlin’s Sanctum: The game puts the players in an old sanctum of a legendary wizard, Merlin. The players have to enter the domain of his collections and find the most powerful artifact within, the Excalibur! However, some challenging traps and puzzles make the mission exciting, and you must work hard to get the prized artifact.

  • Knights Templar: The game involves the ouster of a top ranking member of the ancient order of the Knights Templar by an evil Illuminati. The ousted knight now seeks your help to protect the Ark. You and your team will solve hidden puzzles to access the most valuable possession in the vault so that the Illuminati does not get it or catch you.

  • The Labyrinth: This game introduces a virtual reality experience in the year 2092 and immerses you into a digital world. It is created to keep bodies and minds safe in the physical world, but a severe virus attack compromises the digital virtual space. You and your team must find a way out before the crashing game deletes you.

4. Escape For Fun

The only game you need in Wheaton to excite you is Escape for fun, and it offers two exciting games.

The variety of the challenges offers users a realistic experience.

Its two games are:

  • The chamber: This game provides a mysterious atmosphere that transports you to 500 AD medieval time. The room carries a medieval theme that prompts your imagination to find the clues, solve puzzles, and find a key to save Camelot.

  • Mission Critical: This game features an evil scientist who has activated a lethal bomb, which is set to detonate within 60 minutes. The FBI has chosen your team to infiltrate the scientist office and eliminate the threat. However, you have only sixty minutes to accomplish the mission, and save lives.

5. The Escape Story Chicago

The escape story is a mind-blowing experience with an escape room designed for you to play Sherlock Holmes, where you have to find the missing testament and solve a mystery within 60 minutes.

6. Escape Strategy

The escape strategy is a real-life escape room game with an interactive setting in which your team can determine the outcome of every game. The game starts with you and your team trapped in a room, and you are guided by clues on how to solve the puzzles and escape the room. If you want to test your wits, take the escape strategy game and see what an escape artist you can be.

7. Room Lisle

This is among the most exciting escape rooms for team building endeavors. The rooms provide a thrilling life experience outside the norm and they are Einstein room, Who Dun it, and the Gallery.

Each room reveals a unique theme and story that sets the atmosphere for adventure. They are fun and involve the fight against crime and solving mysterious to avoid the fate of losing the game to the villains.

8. Hidden Key Escapes

Hidden key escapes provide marvelous action-packed rooms with challenging puzzles for you and your team. The challenge is to solve the puzzle and escape the room in time. However, some rooms do not involve an escape but require you create an object. Hidden key escapes have two rooms, the hideaway, and the storage room.

9. Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

The fuzzy logic escape room is an all age fun experience with three distinct rooms, the casino, time pirates, and garage sale. Each room has a game with the theme related to its name and a premise of a deadlock that you must resolve to win the game.

10. The great escape room Chicago

IL, Downers Grove hosts the finest escape room experience in the key quest escape rooms. They have themed mysterious rooms that demand you to apply logic, communication skills and teamwork with your friends to solve puzzles in duration of 45 minutes to win the game.

While the concept of being locked in a room for 60 minutes may not fit the definition of fun, the top escape rooms in Chicago are fun to be in. Reinvent your sense of adventure by visiting any of them.