5 Irresistible Reasons to Go on an Escape Room Date

Looking for a dating experience that's out of the norm? If so, taking your date to an escape room could be a perfect choice.

The very first escape room adventure took place in 2007 in Kyoto. This later became the craze in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Because escape room quests are fairly new to the Western world, including the US, you’ll be a part of the latest dating trends. If you choose escape room dating, you’re in for an exciting time!

Just why should you go on an escape room date?

Here are five compelling reasons.

Escape Room Dating is Far from the Same Old Dating Ideas

Want to look like a creative genius to your date?

Sure, you do.

Well, a dinner and a movie ad nauseam definitely won’t accomplish that. You’ll be doing what everyone else does without thinking for yourself.

You can go off the beaten path and impress your date by going the escape room route. Whether you’re on your first date or have been together a long time, your date will be impressed that you thought of something different.

Escape Room Dates are Great Ice Breakers

Let’s face it, first dates can sometimes be awkward or at least make you feel really nervous. There’s no better way to heighten those terrible feelings than to go on a high-pressure date.

With escape room dates, you won’t have to worry about what to say next to avoid looking dumb. You’ll just get to enjoy your time together.

These dates are also great for long-term couples. The relentless stressors of life can really erode a good relationship over time. Escape room dates help the two of you to unwind and remember how to have a good time together again.

Escape Room Dates Are a Lot of Fun!

The chances of that second date increase dramatically if the two of you have fun on your first one. Escape rooms provide just that.

There’s a good chance that you’ll laugh harder than you have in a long time. You’ll get to problem solve together in a fun environment.

A Great Way to Get to Know Your Date

While the movies and popcorn can be fun on the right occasion, you’re not going to get to know your date much better that way.

Escape room dating naturally leads to teamwork and unhindered communication. You get to see how your date reacts to a variety of situations.

Your interactions won’t feel manufactured or strained. They’ll just naturally happen. And that’s exactly what you want on a date.

Escape Room Dates Create a Memory Together

If you do something “normal” for your date, it’ll likely fade into the background of your memory. However, if you take part in an adventure together, you’re far less likely to forget such a pleasant experience.

Happy memories make for happy couples. They allow you the opportunity to go on more dates if you’re just entering the dating world. Great memories together hold couples together in the long term as well.

Want to see what escape room dating can do for your dating life?

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