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Escape Rooms Are The New Big Thing in Team Building Exercises

Did you know recent studies have shown people who engage in games are better learners and more successful at mastering new challenges? We have to agree! Our escape rooms are games. Games that encourage critical thinking under pressure. Here at Exit, we know your team will not only have a great time, but be able to apply new skills in the workplace.
  • Team Building, Escape Room Style
  • Team Building Benefits of Escape Room Exercises
  • Teamwork Training in the Escape Room
  • Companies Can Identify Individuals’ Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Employee Engagement

Why Exit?

Companies pick our escape rooms over and over for their team building outings because of the unique opportunity we provide. Immersing co-workers into a neutral and different environment gives you the opportunity to see how they perform under pressure.
Since teamwork is the key component in our escape rooms, your staff will have to work together. They will need to move quickly to find each other’s strengths, solve puzzles, deal with unexpected surprises and get out all before the timer is up. It’s a great exercise to see each member of the team’s contributions.

Watch your team strengthen

Our escape rooms encourage problem-solving and strategy while allowing players to escape reality- the perfect team trip. Not only will you be the office hero but after this experience your team will strengthen their abilities.
Our escape rooms offer employers and their staff the opportunity to be in a unique social environment and feel challenged, in a way in which they aren’t use to. The best part is, each and every step requires them to work together. See where we are going with all this? All of these qualities make for a strong team inside the workplace!

Escape Rooms Are The New Big Thing in Team Building Exercises

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