Are You Looking for a Different Kind of Birthday Event?

An escape room game is the ultimate birthday party experience for party-goers. This fun, interactive, life-size, real 3-D, full-immersion escape game is perfect for birthday parties and a variety of other special occasions.

Escape rooms are games that create adventures for groups. It's the most real of all game experiences. The escape room game tests players' strategic skills. Players work together to face challenges, unravel clues and find their way out of the mysterious locked room, all in under one hour.

Here are some good reasons why escape rooms are such as fast-growing trend for birthday parties.

They're Convenient.

It's a completely painless and big time-saving party option. There's no tedious party planning. Just call in a reservation, and send out your invites.

They're Budget-Friendly.

Escape room parties are less expensive than other common party choices. Birthday party costs can go through the roof when you're paying for all of the usual decorations and booking a party event venue, or paying for live shows, sports events, group dinners, etc.. An escape room adventure costs a lot less, making it an especially good value for an extra-exciting party activity.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a regular birthday party, with an escape room party your only cost is the price of admission. Tickets typically only cost around $25 to $30 per person.

There Are No Fun-Killing Restrictions.

None of your escape-room party-goers will be at risk of being told they're not tall enough to ride at an amusement park, or that they're not old enough to enter a night club.

Escape room party events don't impose a bunch of surprise restrictions on a guest's age, diet, height, health requirements, or anything else. They're for everyone age 12 and up, and for all levels of ability.

If people in your party are under age 17, there's a waiver you can have signed by a parent or guardian. Kids under age 14 need to have a parent or guardian with them. For groups with players under 12, just call ahead to make some special arrangements.

Escape Room Birthday Parties Are Unique

Today's party-goers want to do something different than they expect at the average birthday party. It doesn't get much more out of the main-stream than sharing the exhilarating experience of playing an full-immersion game together to escape from the mysterious room.

Escape room games have made their way from east Asia to the United States, and now popular escape-themed video games have inspired players to want more. A real-life game challenge is the ultimate in escape gaming.

It's The World's Most Real And Satisfying Gaming Experience.

In the action-packed escape room adventure, players spend the most exciting hour available in modern gaming. When they ultimately solve the mystery and escape the room, their feeling of accomplishment is rewarding. You and your group can also enjoy a sense of the stronger bond that naturally comes with shared success in overcoming a challenge together.

Your Own Escape Room Birthday Party

If you want to try something entirely new for your birthday party this year, an escape room offers a completely unique opportunity. It's just an extraordinarily fun and exciting party alternative.

The escape room offers a birthday party experience that brings friends closer and rewards the whole group with the satisfaction of coming through a fun and exhilarating challenge together.

Plus, booking an escape room is a budget-friendly excursion birthday party event. So, escape from boring birthdays. Host an escape room event that will make birthday party history!

For More Info

If you're ready for a different kind of birthday party, check out our information on turning your party into an escape room game event. You and your guests will never forget the thrills and the fun!