Escape Rooms Are The New Big Thing in Team Building Exercises

If you somehow haven't heard, escape rooms are immersive games that let players focus together on finding solutions to unfamiliar challenges. The team is “locked” inside a room for a set amount of time and faced with tackling problems that lead to success in unlocking the mystery of the room.

When they overcome all of their puzzling obstacles and succeed in their mission, or when they run out of time limit, they're freed from the room.

Escape rooms are different at every venue. Each one has a theme designed to help players become immersed in the game's problem-solving process. Some popular themes these days include haunted buildings, treasure hunt, prison escape, tombs, murder scenes, and others.

Being in an escape room with your peers is an excellent bonding experience for teams. The shared excitement of figuring out the room's mystery together makes escape rooms a very popular team building activity.

Team Building, Escape Room Style

It's the requirement of working together to succeed in the challenge that employers find valuable in the escape room team building idea.

Many companies rent escape rooms and use them as exercises to help employees practice intense challenges in working together to find correct solutions quickly. The exciting exercise helps team members bond and learn to work together effectively to solve unexpected problems in new situations.

It also provides the company with a new way to observe each team member’s contribution in team efforts. That's why team-building by escape room challenges has become a favorite of so many companies.

Team Building Benefits of Escape Room Exercises

Using escape rooms in team building programs offers numerous benefits for employers and their team members. Here are some performance benefits of working together to get out of an escape room:

Participants have the strongest possible sense of sharing a common goal, to escape the room. This experience applies well to workplace operations, where department teams must set and achieve goals together.

Getting out of the escape room together requires rapid and effective follow through. This is similar to workplace processes of making sure every project task is completed, to reach departmental goals within allotted time frames.

Teams must do what it takes to achieve goals in the escape room, just as they're expected to do as a team at work. More practice on powering through all challenges to achieve the set goal is a good thing.

Teamwork Training in the Escape Room

The escape room is a great team training tool for modern companies. Escape rooms are games, and recent studies indicate that people who play games are better at learning and mastering new challenges.

Teams follow a set process of deciding on what the goal should be.

They work out conflicts of ideas about the direction they should take.

They start working together with singular purpose, and all moving in the same direction to achieve their goal.

This adds up to a helpful training exercise to cultivate a team mindset of sharp focus on department goals.

Companies Can Identify Individuals' Strengths and Weaknesses

Escape room participants must individually deal with conflict. Their skills in conflict resolution can be harder to observe and assess on the job.

The company gets to know its individual team members’ level of strength in critical problem-solving.

Individual employees' contributions of ideas and attitude of support for the team effort are enlightening and vary widely between personality types and communications skills and styles.

Employee Engagement

Escape rooms offer very useful work exercises and evaluative opportunities for employers. But, they’re also fun social activities that engage employees with their coworkers and supervisors on a new level.

An escape room excursion gives team members a break from the daily routine and provides a fresh team experience.

It lets employees have some fun as part of their employment experience.

Team building through escape room challenges lets employees enjoy using their applicable work skills to meet new challenges.

For More Info

Escape rooms offer companies a valuable skill-building and assessment tool that also serves employee engagement objectives. For more information on some of the world's most exhilarating and useful escape rooms for team building exercises, check out Exit room.