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Birthday Parties

Are You Looking for a Different Kind of Birthday Event?

Ready to have the best birthday ever? Book your celebration with us at one of our adventure filled rooms. Exit is the perfect spot for parties of all ages, and is sure to create lasting memories with friends and family.
  • They’re Convenient.
  • They’re Budget-Friendly.
  • There Are No Fun-Killing Restrictions.
  • Escape Room Birthday Parties Are Unique
  • It’s The World’s Most Real And Satisfying Gaming Experience.
  • Your Own Escape Room Birthday Party

No Stress

When you book your party with us, you can be sure you and your guest will have a great time! We take the stress out of party planning, and leave you with a fun filled time. All you need to do is call in a reservation and invite your friends and family. We take care of the rest!

Why Exit Escape Room?

Our action-packed rooms offer a unique experience for everyone. You and your guest will work together to solve puzzles and use strategic skills to try to escape within an hour. At the end you all will feel closer together and accomplished. From hard-core gamers, to critical thinkers, each member of your party will have the best time ever!

Escape Rooms Are The New Big Thing in Team Building Exercises

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